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Data eXcellence


Data eXcellence offers full-service data migration services for financial institutions. With over 150 data migrations to both on-premise and cloud platforms, Data eXcellence makes the transition efficient, fault-free and fully compliant.

Data eXcellence


Data eXcellence was founded in 2009 with a full focus on performing repeatable and scalable data migrations. By now, Data eXcellence has grown into a data migration specialist with extensive experience in performing data migrations, particularly in the financial sector. Data eXcellence has extensive experience with migrations from and to most major software packages for loans, mortgages, credit cards, payments and savings. Data eXcellence works worldwide with the implementation of the migration being managed from the office in the Netherlands.

The result of the service is migrated data with which the target system can immediately perform the desired functionality. To achieve this, Data eXcellence has its own data migration tooling and data migration process. Thanks to these proprietary tooling and processes, data migrations are performed in a repeatable, scalable and predictable manner. Data eXcellence gives a 100% guarantee on the correctness of the migrated data.

Data eXcellence and Mambu

Data eXcellence migration service is ready for use with Mambu. Our API Dispatcher - part of our own migration tooling - integrates seamlessly with Mambu's APIs. The migration process and the monitoring have been optimised to the best practice of migrating to Mambu. The result? A trouble-free migration, cost-effective and fast.

100% Data migration