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Digibee HIP


DIGIBEE HYBRID INTEGRATION PLATFORM (HIP) helps you manage the complexity of systems integration in an agile, simple and efficient way, enabling you to digitally transform your legacy systems 10-times faster than other systems. The Digibee Hybrid Integration Platform empowers people to be prepared for impending market fluctuations and easily create their own Digital Ecosystems. Digibee enables you to unlock your data and make it work for you.

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Digibee HIP enables financial services’ Digital Banking through connecting Mambu with channels, legacy systems and the entire financial ecosystem like KYC providers and other partners. Digibee HIP enables OpenBanking to provide the internal services and connect with customers and partners. Digibee HIP enables future services like FEDNOW and other regulations, so your banking and financial services are future-proof to meet the changing demands of your customers.

How We’re Different

User-Friendly Platform - Digibee HIP allows you to quickly and securely build, test, deploy and monitor the business integration logic you need to extract new value from your data.

Simplexity Methodology - Digibee HIP Platform is designed with a Simplexity Methodology to deliver the most complex integrations more easily and consistently deliver your integration projects faster and with fewer errors than the typical inside-out approach.

Innovative Business Model - You don’t buy the Digibee HIP, you simply use it. The Digibee per pipeline yearly subscription, coupled with white-glove onboarding services and direct contact with Digibee engineers, enables your teams to regain control of your data flows with no hidden costs.

Digibee HIP allows the Mambu platform integration with most diverse client’s systems and hybrid environments (on-prem and cloud).

Quickly Design Your Integration Flows - Digibee’s user-friendly design canvas enables drag and drop, form-based integration development, simplifying  the most complex situations. (learn more)

Secure Your Data Flows - Digibee anonymizes data flowing to your integration pipelines and safely stores your access credentials in its encrypted vault, eliminating all human access. (learn more)

Accelerate Development with Capsules - Digibee Capsules package common integration steps into reusable components, which can be shared across your organization, saving time, resources, effort and money. (learn more)

On-the-Fly Testing, Stubbing and Mocking - Digibee enables you to follow agile development best practices by providing built-in capabilities to stub, mock, and unit test your integrations. (learn more)

Digibee powers customers such as Santander, Medallia, Vtex and Seller's Funding.

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