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Doconomy translates financial transactions into its corresponding CO2e footprint for banks and fintechs.




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Embedding climate impact in your customer experience does not only contribute to the environment but also to your customer engagement. Doconomy’s clients see increased brand awareness, customer engagement and increased retention by connecting consumption to its impact on the planet.

Doconomy is an impact-tech company founded in Sweden in 2018, focusing on future-proofing life on planet earth by empowering individuals and corporations to take responsibility for their environmental footprint. Doconomy has taken a leading position in this field, applying a business-driven and scientific approach with tools to help consumers set, measure, and benchmark their individual sustainability goals and to help them act daily to learn and change behavior.

By leveraging the world-leading and third-party verified Åland Index, Doconomy puts the climate impact of everyday spending at the fingertips of consumers worldwide. Any type of spending transaction can get an equivalent CO2e footprint calculated by sending a request with currency, amount, and a category code such as MCC or similar.

Why leading institutions choose Doconomy:

  • Leveraging company reported data from S&P Trucost, reflecting the market’s performance.
  • The highest number of unique intensity factors for comprehensive coverage
  • Third party audited methodology and same approach across categories to ensure consistency.
  • Value-added engagement services to help educate and activate consumers to take everyday climate action.
CO2e footprint calculation on mobile phones

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