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The award-winning ebankIT platform is at the heart of our complete omnichannel digital banking solution. Once connected to the core banking system, our software provides customers with self-serve solutions, from internet banking to mobile banking or watch banking. It also provides staff with backoffice, frontoffice and contact center tools to deliver world-class customer service. It is secure, robust, highly scalable and deployment ready, both on cloud and on-premises.

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What do we do?

The main objective of the ebankIT Digital Platform is to provide banks and credit unions with the digital tools they need to succeed.

Under the motto – “Omnichannel Digital Banking Transformation. Delivered Fast” – the platform allows its clients to be one step ahead in terms of cost, time, and effort. The idea is for banks and credit unions to achieve maximum potential while minimizing costs and increasing digital revenues with this out-of-the-box solution.

ebankIT was created by a team of technology consultants specialized in the financial services, underpinned by their experience in digital transformation projects in Retail and Corporate Banking and on this track record on the financial sector trends and innovation.

The ebankIT Digital Banking Platform comes out of the box with a full omnichannel experience that incorporates a flexible integration layer, allowing integration with most core banking/legacy systems and other 3rd parties.

The ebankIT platform focuses your effort on creating highly personalized omnichannel customer journeys that deliver exceptional brand experiences across all digital touchpoints and spend less time worrying about the code.  Customization and new developments are also possible due to ebankIT Studio, a low code fully integrated Development Environment that enables fast app/services development.

The API Gateway allows the ebankIT platform to connect with external systems, fintechs, and 3rd parties, enabling compliance with the latest regulatory requirements such as PSD2 and Open Banking.

Why customers choose us?

The provision of omnichannel banking services is complex, and many banks are concerned that implementations may be too expensive and long-lasting, especially when working with legacy systems. ebankIT emerges in this scenario with a premium product, designed to quickly and effectively support digital transformation.

The ebankIT Digital Platform advantage is having a set of pre-defined services with modular scalability potential that can be interfaced by any agnostic core system and business middleware from another banking system.

The company has well-structured and comprehensive applications for web, smartphone, and smartwatch, whose architecture is open with an API gateway to incorporate world-class innovations. That will enable the integration with solutions from other fintech providers and flexible delivery through partners.

The combination of these differentiating factors contributes to creating one of ebankIT’s strongest points, its leadership in time-to-market, and the delivery of results, with a constant focus on user experience in all its developments.

Our clients are Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 banks with core or legacy banking systems that need to address the market using digital channels.

As a plus, ebankIT Studio, a low-code fully Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that enables the rapid deployment of high quality, secure and robust banking application features.

ebankIT provides integration with the core banking system and delivers digital channels out-of-the-box to banks and credit unions. Mambu provides a core banking system in the cloud, for those same clients.

Combined, ebankIT+Mambu offer a full stack Digital Bank Solution with upstream and downstream integrations with multiple vendors, that delivers enriched customer journeys, in a fast and agile manner.

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