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Entersekt is a Device Identity, Consumer Authentication and Payments Enablement platform that helps financial institutions to unlock innovative, omnichannel user experiences. We help them turn mobile devices and browsers into trusted endpoints as a means to streamline, enhance, and digitize application workflows, on-boarding, and enrollment processes, as well as ongoing engagement post-enrollment.

Through their mobile or browser-based app, our platform enables passwordless login, high-risk transaction authentication, off-line authentication, push notifications for easy, single-tap authentication, secure two-way communications, and much more.




Proof of concept available

All of these experiences have been streamlined into a set of APIs, allowing their teams to unlock multiple capabilities without the long integration times. We build such revenue-generating innovations on top of a highly scalable secure platform, allowing them to deliver enhanced user experiences and drive overall digital engagement while making the transition away from passwords, hardware tokens and SMS OTP (“one-time passwords”) to frictionless mobile authentication factors like push notifications and biometrics.

Entersekt offers a unified user experience and secures financial institution most vulnerable channels:

  • Digital channel (mobile, web, chat, etc..)
  • Data channel (personal data, payment data etc..)
  • Payments channel (cards, wallets, accounts etc..)

Entersekt addresses the most common challenges in the financial industry and enables:

  • MFA for digital channels
  • Passwordless login / Frictionless transactions
  • Payments modernization (eCommerce/3D Secure; scan-to-pay)
  • Open Banking
  • Strong Digital Identity

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