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European leaders & innovators in finance rely on Fourthline for their digital ID verification needs.

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Fourthline helps European financial service providers, such as N26, Vivid Money, flatexDEGIRO, Solaris, and Trade Republic, prevent financial crime by verifying their clients' digital identities. Fourthline uses Know Your Customer solutions that combine the latest AI technology with the best human expertise, performing around 200 checks during a frictionless user experience. With this approach, Fourthline discovers 60% more fraud and achieves an accuracy rate of 99.98%.

The Fourthline compliance as a service solution, digitally verifies end customers by using a mix of automated AI-driven checks and human experts, streamlining the onboarding of customers. With deep regulatory and compliance understanding, Fourthline provides solutions with features and functionality that support local market compliance which is built with a modular microservices architecture. It comprises of three core competencies which are our (i) Core onboarding features, (ii) Market specific features and (iii) Case Review Portal and Operations.

With the advantage of having a fully end-to-end integrated solution, which creates a single data set by having the ability to collect various customer information throughout the onboarding journey and store this data in the Fourthline Identity Store, which gets updated with every subsequent identity transaction.

Regulators require financial service providers to maintain a satisfactory level of data quality like up-to-date personal information, client data and documents, periodic AML screening, risk evaluation, reporting and other requirements.

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