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GDS Modellica


GDS Modellica, is a decision software company, helping companies make better decisions in their daily business. For over 16 years we have helped hundreds of lending institutions around the globe to achieve higher growth while successfully managing risk. Rather than one size fits all solutions, our industry-specific risk management insights helps guide the development and implementation of solutions tailored to individual needs.

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+16 Years of Experience

The company provides decisional software and analytics to manage risk, fight fraud and build profitable customer relationships. GDS Modellica has clients in 36 countries including banks, insurers, retailers, credit card issuers and more.

36 Countries

Because we understand the importance of improving risk management practices and realizing a solid return on investment, GDS Modellica Decision Architecture can be customized to deliver a complete solution or enhance your existing applications with the necessary elements. We provide solutions for any organization that needs to optimize and automate their credit risk management policies and strategies.

+1 Billon Annual Decisions through our solutions

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