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TeamQuality is a company with 30 years of experience strengthening the financial industry and developing modern, highly flexible and configurable platforms for Payment Processing and Management for issuers, with a team of specialists and consultants that will allow you to build products and offer services with the highest demand in the financial sector.

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Excellence and commitment are part of our corporate DNA, and based on these values we succeeded in building up a portfolio of payment solutions for your business, including credit cards, prepaid cards, loyalty, debit, and social cards, among other payment methods. Due to our strategic alliances and trading partnerships we were able to develop vertical business models that empower our clients, enhancing not only the overall market but also the Banking and Retail sectors, Payment Card Processors, Fintechs and Financial companies.

Team Quality offers a complete range of e2e services such as payment methods business consulting, approval support with VISA, Mastercard and Amex.

We also specialize in products that offers solutions related to Acquirers (Infinitus Acquirer), Management BackOffice for Issuers (SmartOpen Anywhere), and others products such as financial trusts (Fitrust), credit (onboarding and scoring), mobiles, and general payment methods.

Our clients need and require a fast, simple and modern alternative to traditional solutions that allow them to:

  • Launch new payment card products
  • Expansion into new markets
  • Transform existing operations
  • Manage wisely their information

Infinitus, our Payment Card Platform for Issuers and Acquirers are ready to go with Mambu.

Mambu – Infinitus integration allows to any Card Issuer and Processors (whose Issuers uses Mambu) the capability  of:

To Issuer who need to Self process Transactions:

  • Process transactions directly with Visa, MasterCard or Amex without external processors, Interacting at the same time with Core banking solution Mambu. This will allow you:
    • Integrate into the authorization process for transactions from different origins (Points of sale, mobile, hubs, marketplace, payment buttons, Virtual POS, etc).
    • Control balance validations in Mambu and at the same time continue the all process of controls used to validate a Standard Transaction.
    • Connect the principal brands with core Banking and determine communication with the brand. In this way, the Issuer (Bank, Retail, Fintech) has real-time information that happens with its customers and accelerates the terms related to the financial circuit of transactions.

General scope of Mambu and Infinitus Integration:

  • Connect services and transactions like:
    • Account / card registration
    • Enabling card
    • Card Lock
    • Card unlocking
    • Check virtual card
    • Complaints
    • Reprint
    • PIN query
    • PIN change
    • Load (Collection)
    • Reverse load
    • Consumer authorization
    • Confirmation of consumption
    • Cancellation of consumption

Ready to innovate and grow with the Mambu ecosystem? Express your interest in integration solutions today.

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