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Cloud Solution for the credit industry.

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We offer cloud-hosted services to create and facilitate credit cycle processes: compliance and origination.

Origination - workfloo: a SaaS platform that enables you to create loan origination processes without code.

Compliance - klin: comply with the legal framework and administrative tasks associated to the use of the credit bureaus in Latam.

workfloo: Mambu is fully integrated to our origination processor which allows you to directly create both the customer and the loan in Mambu when it has been aproved through workfloo.

klin: As klin’s main services is to report your company’s credit information to the credit bureaus, we automatically pull the necessary data form Mambu and offer a seamless experience to our common users.

In both cases the connection to Mambu allows the user to fully benefit from Kiban’s services. It avoids the complications and length of creating from scratch an origination process and having to fully know the legal framework associated with credit bureaus’ compliance.

Kiban customers include Nubank, Rappi, Te Creemos holding and Provident.

For more information, visit partner website.

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