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Lenddo is the world's first and leading expert in credit decisioning using non-traditional data, powering over 2.5 million instant credit decisions in 15+ countries across the world.

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Lenddo was founded in 2011 to improve financial inclusion for 1 billion people around the world, enabling financial service providers to access and serve new and underserved markets using its disruptive technology and leveraging new sources of digital data, such as mobile-social digital footprints.

Lenddo’s previous lending experience developed its patented technology and proprietary algorithms which are now being used by leading financial institutions to provide access for millions of consumers and MSMEs around the world. It also enables financial institutions make more accurate and quicker decisions across customer’s lifecycle.

Customers using Mambu and Lenddo together will be able to supplement their loan decisioning processes with new data sources to increase approval rates, decrease defaults and reduce time to score and decision.

Integration of Lenddo to Mambu is easy through API or SDK implementation. Lenddo is a complementary system to that of Mambu loan management system. Lenddo will serve as the origination and front-end system while Mambu will manage your portfolio after the fulfillment of loan disbursement. Integration of Lenddo and Mambu systems offers a full online lending solution, which will serve on every level of your customer lifecycle.

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