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Real-time receivables, automatic reconciliation and real-time disbursements. Whether you’re a lender, bank or financial institution, with Monoova’s API payment engine, we’ll handle the payments so you can focus on your business. At Monoova, we are at the forefront of helping businesses in Australia.

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Automates how businesses receive, manage and pay funds;

  • Allows for fully customized API-driven payment workflows across direct entry, BPAY and real-time NPP
  • Enables real-time reconciliation of real-time receivables with webhooks into client ERPs
  • Issues large numbers of unique account numbers and PayIDs in real time to avoid reliance on lodgment references in reconciliation

Monoova’s clients are primarily tech-driven platform businesses in financial services, e.g., lenders (business and consumer), payments and remitters.

With one simple API integration, Monoova provides access to multiple payments rails in Australia including direct entry (ACH), BPAY and real-time NPP transactions.

Mambu customers can take advantage of:

  • Real-time reconciliation of real-time receivables with webhooks into client ERPs solving one of the major issues facing industry today; unreconciled transactions.
  • Real-time disbursements eliminating waiting periods for borrowers

Monoova customers include Instarem, Transferwise and Jacaranda Finance.

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