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Our solutions transform financial crime compliance from legal obligation to competitive edge.

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We build cutting-edge compliance technology to help companies in any sector comply with anti-money laundering regulations, detect suspicious transactions, screen potential customers & business partners, and help analysts predict customer behaviour.

Napier uses deep industry knowledge and cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence to help businesses fight financial crime more efficiently and effectively.

Napier extends and compliments the Mambu Core Banking System with their intelligent compliance platform to help protect banks against financial crime:

Use Napier’s Transaction Monitoring with Mambu’s transaction data to detect unusual patterns and suspicious activity efficiently

  • Napier’s Transaction Monitoring includes a modern rules-based capability to reduce the number of false positive alerts.
  • It is flexible and extensible, and contains fully auditable case management workflows

Screen transactions against sanctions lists from popular providers via an API using transaction data from Mambu. Screen Clients against sanctions lists from popular providers via an API using Client data from your system of record and be able to view all transaction activity as well. Finally, leverage powerful analytics to compare the client’s transactions and activity against expected activity.

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