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Nuclent revolutionizes how banks, FIs and Fintech launch digital financial services - Making it faster, better, more affordable and allows true technology ownership. Working with Nuclent platforms makes your product differentiation strategy happens today and ensures unlimited innovation in the future.



NUCLENT PTE. LTD., is a Singapore company led by a seasoned tech team with experiences in delivering successful global products for S&P500, combined with financial service experts with 20+ years working in digital transformation for major banks in local countries. Their clients include bank, fintech and platform player, where our platform enables them launching differentiated digital products in record time.

Nuclent banking-as-a-service platform allows launching innovative digital financial services 3x faster - 2 months instead of 6-24 months, with a cost model that focuses on your return - and not a fixed, upfront big bet. Innovation unlimitedly, customization at ease are characteristics of Nuclent platform - allow you to truly own your products.

The platform helps you:

  • nGage provides scalable, pre-built banking modules that can be mixed
    and matched. Each comes with well-thought, human centric UI/UX and
    product APIs for your customizations
  • nFlow comes with a low-code platform and pre-built applications,
    ranging from Loan origination to Branch teller. nFlow allows creating
    new app or configuring existing applications easy and quick
  • Nuclent pre-vetted, pre-integrated with Fintech, deploy eKYC, CBS... at

Nuclent x Mambu combination truly pushes composable banking concept from core banking to engagement layer and business process management layer. Nuclent is pre-integrated with Mambu. Client can now finally enjoy end to end banking in a box solution, all cloud natives and true SaaS. Launching your digital bank in record time without huge down payment. Enjoying configurability on every-steps, allowing lightning-fast, unlimited innovation.