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Optimus Cards Group is the leader in providing white-labelled, real debit card programs to credit unions and smaller financial institutions throughout the British Isles. We serve financial institutions of any size, seeking flexible and scalable sizing, full-service operational support, and turnkey deployment. Optimus comprises some of the brightest and most experienced, minds in the payment services industry. We believe firmly that distribution size should not prevent banks from offering top-tier card services. We operate from our headquarters in the UK, and build first-class end-to-end card solutions for financial institutions across Europe. We partner with the best in the industry to put together your custom card program.

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Our card is a real debit card, taking away the burden of operating pre-paid cards for credit unions and banks. The Optimus Debit Card Product features are:

  • Mastercard Global acceptance
  • Mastercard marketing assets and promotions
  • Recurring Payments E Comm transactions
  • MOTO (Mail Order Telephone order)
  • Purchase with Cash Back Control and alerts
  • State of the art digital payments with masterpass
  • 3D secure with no passwords
  • Pre-Authorisation
  • Full Parametrisation

In August 2017 Optimus Cards became a Principal Member of Mastercard, the only non-regulated financial institution to have this status. The certificate of Principal Membership of Mastercard is available on request. Principal membership gives Optimus Cards a unique competitive edge in both the UK and the Republic of Ireland as follows:

  • access to benefits that accrue to regulated financial institutions
  • ease of on-boarding regulated credit unions and financial institutions
  • results in Optimus Cards’ card users being issuers of their own cards
  • ease of product diversification

Optimus Cards will be the first Principal Member to run MasterPass (a virtual wallet) unique cardholder benefits to include control over spend etc.

As a Principal Member of mastercard, the only other institutions that can offer scheme sponsorship are the major banks - these major banks cannot match Optimus Cards on agility or time to market. Our offer is more technologically advanced than any others currently on the market, offering a complete end to end solution which is unrivalled scope and value for money. Optimus will support Mambu customers by providing card services and card support.

Optimus powers the customers like London Mutual Credit Union, 1st Alliance Credit Union and Tusmor Limited.

For more information, visit Optimus website.

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