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SQUER Solutions


SQUER develops tailored, future-proof and holistic software solutions for financial industries by applying concepts of lean and agile delivery to accelerate innovation and maximize value.

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We are SQUER – a technology consultancy providing holistic support, thinking agile and solving complex problems with technology. Our promise: Efficient software solutions, successful product developments and agile development for our clients.

Our mission
We provide our financial clients with tailored and future-proof software solutions to generate real impact.

The identity of SQUER
Our corporate culture is highly characterised by our core values. The right attitude and authenticity towards our partners are the main influencing factors to generate real added value while delivering high quality products.

Our fields of actions
We believe in technology to make a difference, thinking outside the box to achieve highest impact for our clients and partnerships beyond project boundaries.
We support our clients in the following fields of action:

• Technology Boost
• Realizing Agile
• Sustainable Delivery
• Upskilling

Mambu and SQUER
The partnership between Mambu and SQUER allows us to refine support to our clients, maximize consumer-focused experience and optimize financial customers’ journeys to a modern and composable core banking system.

We assist clients integrating any Mambu services within their systems to improve digital channels by providing end-users customized digital banking features.

Connecting Ideas. Delivering Impact

Ready to innovate and grow with the Mambu ecosystem? Express your interest in integration solutions today.

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