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The rise of seamless financing solutions in Saudi Arabia

In recent years, market uncertainty and macroeconomic trends have produced a greater need for financing in order for businesses and consumers to access simple, frictionless loan solutions.

Together Mambu and VeriPark detail how a best-in-breed collaboration is delivering uninterrupted lending experiences to increase growth opportunities and purchasing power.

A look at the lending landscape

With the world economy evolving, the expectation to embrace the latest technologies within financial services has grown. As a result, financing providers are looking at a new wave of innovative solutions to launch products in the market faster and at lower cost.

Learn more in the latest paper from Mambu and VeriPark to better the understand the need for lenders to:

  • Compete alongside alternative financing providers
  • Adapt to changing customer preferences
  • Meet evolving regulatory requirements

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Demand for Islamic finance and Shariah-compliant lending

Modern, cloud-native solutions are allowing for greater scalability of digital solutions in a region that serves over 34 million end users. Within personal and business financing, products that leverage these technologies are pulling ahead by differentiating customer experiences while meeting Islamic finance principles.

As Saudi Arabia embarks to diversify and develop growing sectors, providers like Mambu and VeriPark are introducing a new way to approach digital and financial growth. Learn more about how together we are changing the game and offering greater access to financing providers across the country.

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What’s ahead for lending in Saudi Arabia?

It’s clear that financial services in KSA will continue to evolve, and organisations that can’t adapt will inevitably fall behind the competition. To prepare for what’s ahead, financial institutions should consider the following areas of focus:

Growth in credit cards and instalment loans


Instant decisioning and disbursements

Embedded finance for SMEs

Integration and data management

Balancing innovation and risk management