Transforming Banking in Asia Pacific

De-risking for Digital Reinvention

The digital revolution is sweeping across Asia Pacific (APAC), and incumbent banks are facing a critical crossroads. The demand for fintech innovation is no longer a distant call—it's a necessity for survival. In a market flooded with digital challengers, traditional banks must evolve or risk becoming obsolete.

Our latest report explores the imperative of core modernization, unveils the risks of inertia, and presents a strategic approach to transformation that ensures future success.

Innovate with incremental change to build a lasting impact

The landscape of banking in APAC is undergoing a seismic shift. Long-standing financial institutions are compelled to accelerate their transformation efforts due to regulatory changes, growth in digital banking and payments, and increased demand for seamless experiences.

Mambu facilitates rapid transformation for banks without the need for a comprehensive replacement of the core technology. Through configurations and composable technology, clients can achieve the value they need through a dual or parallel change route, which enables them to compete effectively with digital challengers.

Core bank transformation is future critical

Demand for fintech innovation is moving downstream, making core modernisation a necessity for APAC’s incumbent banks as they seek to combat churn and win growth in markets flooded with digital challengers.

Shifting expectations

The digital banking era is revolutionising experiences in APAC

Competition won't wait

Incumbent banks are exposed to risk due to a lack of transformation

Future proof your business

Innovation is crucial to safeguarding for the future

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