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Mambu for banks

It’s a tough time to be an incumbent bank. Your role is under threat from nimble, legacy-lite challengers seeking to disintermediate you from customers. Brand heritage is an advantage, but is no longer enough to cut-it with younger, digital-first consumers who want convenience, choice and speed above all else.

Become the disruptor

You need a cloud-native banking platform that frees you from costly and restrictive legacy infrastructure. One that’s fast, flexible and frictionless, and gives you the freedom to change, build and grow.

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In partnering with Mambu, for the first time we’ve found a technology that can actually move as fast as our digital teams.

Whatever your banking ambition or strategy, we will bring it to life.

  • Core and more

    Core...and more

    We’re not like traditional, inflexible core banking providers. We do core...and a whole lot more. If you are in the market for a technology infrastructure update - and you should be - our SaaS, cloud-native financial engine and unique composable approach can truly transform your business.

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  • Islamic banking

    Islamic banking

    Take a lead in ethical and responsible banking. Build a Sharia-compliant mobile-first banking service that offers your customers products that are aligned with their ethical codes.

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  • Go niche

    Go niche

    Test and launch a nimble digital spinoff that will let you quickly tap into markets normally out of reach. We call these ‘speedboats’ - which can help you try new offerings - from green to business banking.

  • Mortgages


    Mortgages are a rite of passage and scary for most people. Introduce digital mortgages, automate processes and speed up decisions.

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Transform with confidence

A platform that lets you be a better bank. Use Mambu to launch an infinite number of new services and banking models.

  • Take a staggered approach, moving business by business to the new platform.
  • Grow outside the old by building a new entity - a new brand and with new ideas.
  • Get the best of both worlds by integrating Mambu into current systems.

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Bringing a fully digital approach to life meant an entrepreneurial approach and a fully cloud-native environment. As lean and agile as the business itself.

Your bank. Our platform. Happy customers

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We invested in our architecture from the start, future-proofing our business and ensuring first class service and continuity for our customers.

Your turn

No one knows your customers better than you do, so no one is in a better position to imagine and design the future. We can help you make your aspirations and ambitions a reality.