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Traditional providers lock functions like decisioning, reporting, analytics and more together into dedicated applications and workflows. Composable separates it all.

This means you can easily combine, replace, add-on and swap out components, systems and connectors to create what you need for your business and for your customers - now and in the future.

What is composable banking?

Composable is like building with Legos for business functions. Imagine instead of giant, unchangeable software packages, you have interchangeable building blocks for things like decision-making, reporting, and customer interactions.

This lets you easily customize your systems to fit your exact requirements. Need to add a new feature? Swap out a block! Composable keeps your business agile and adaptable.


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Real examples

Learn how N26 and New10 by ABN AMRO built modern banks using our pure SaaS core banking platform. Discover our customers' success.

Inside composable

Why composable matters, what “good” looks like and what it means for different kinds of banks, lenders and financial institutions.

10 Core Principles

Learn what principles govern our approach for building agile, continuously improving banking and lending services today.


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