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Simplified process orchestration

Build your composable ecosystem your way. Pick and scale service paths and ensure seamless interactions. Mambu Process Orchestrator (MPO) joins the dots, so you can integrate services and deliver great financial experiences at speed.

Instant connection to the Mambu ecosystem

MPO provides access to a new world of innovation. Use it to tap into a bank of external services that can be tailored and configured to your customers’ needs.

Leading tech-providers already interface their products or services direct to Mambu’s core banking software as a service (SaaS) engine. Enabling “Integration as a Product”, MPO’s prebuilt connectors (productised integration layers) can link you direct to this ready-made, constantly expanding financial ecosystem.

There’s no need to vet partners, build complex integrations on top of APIs, or worry about hosting. This dramatically reduces time to market for new services, especially during initial implementation.

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Mambu platform diagram
  • cog

    Upstream solutions

    • Customer Experience & Digital Engagement
    • Account & Loan Origination
    • Credit Decisioning
    • Customer Relationship Management
    • Financial Crime Mitigation
  • process

    Downstream solutions

    • Payment Processing
    • Card Issuing & Processing
    • Accounting & Finance
    • Regulatory Reporting
    • Data Analytics & Business Intelligence

Take back control

Our composable approach fastracks financial services using the rapid and flexible assembly of independent, best-for-purpose systems. It provides the API connections and business process management that bring it all together to power competitive advantage. MPO, as an Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) offers ecosystem connectors and pre-built integrations.

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How MPO's composable architecture facilitates getting things done faster

Mambu Process Orchestrator acts as the middle layer between different business systems, processes and parties, it pulls, pushes and processes data via our cutting-edge, world-proven APIs. Complexity is made easy with a graphical interface that lets you instantly model, create and execute business process management and workflows in the cloud.


Applying agile principles to build, test and release new capabilities in days or weeks.


Pick and combine systems in unique ways creating a competitive advantage.


Choose off-the-shelf cloud solutions, as well as custom-built value-generating IP, to differentiate in the market.


Avoid massive monoliths or excessive dependencies on single companies, stay open and avoid potential bottlenecks.

Best in class

Limitless choice lets you match customer-facing needs, business process challenges and problem sets precisely.

Build faster

Design, build and maintain holistic API-driven business processes with our intuitive no-code/low-code interface and visual development environment.

Integrate faster

Our RESTful APIs and rapid implementation approach removes code duplication and effort during multiple integrations.

Change faster

Save time and shrink workloads, by minimising re-coding when business processes change.

Scale faster

A single view helps quickly debug, monitor, report, and handle errors and retry mechanisms as your business processes expand.

Build your ecosystem your way.

*Mambu Process Orchestrator is based on the proprietary technology of Middleware Inc. (