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Composable approach

Heard of composable banking? The concept originated here at Mambu. We’ve been champions of composable for over a decade.

With Mambu’s cloud banking platform, you gain a composable technology foundation that powers your ability to create modern financial experiences. Forget one-size-fits-all vendor lock-ins, siloed and monolithic core banking systems, expensive professional service engagements or option-limited modularisation. Now you are free to compose your own destiny, aligned to your business and customer needs.

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What’s composability?

Composability is a system design principle that deals with the inter-relationships of components. A highly composable system provides components that can be selected and assembled in various combinations to satisfy specific user requirements.

At Mambu, composable is our approach to the design and delivery of financial services based on the rapid and flexible assembly of independent, best-for-purpose systems. Put our powerful deposits and/or lending engines at the core of your financial architecture, configured with your chosen features and then add any number of connected services on top. All running on your choice of major cloud providers and with a clear and transparent SaaS pricing model.

Now you can innovate and evolve financial offerings on your terms, quickly and cost-effectively. Additionally, Mambu and composable give you options - enter the lending market, start a new bank completely greenfield, launch a digital spin-off or speed boat alongside your current offering or fully replace your core banking system. The choice is yours.

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The cornerstones of composability

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    Multi-partner ecosystem

    Financial innovation is optimised through ‘true’ composability and market leading ecosystem of specialist vendors. New technology brings new potential. Choosing a platform designed for composability means you focus on new, innovative financial services and user experience.

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    High-quality connectors

    Our world-leading, field-proven and well documented APIs are the building blocks of our composable approach. They remove restrictions and allow unprecedented agility by ensuring easy connection with core components, external solutions and with our multi-partner ecosystem.

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    Scalable services framework

    Break free from slow, single-release, large upgrades tied to cumbersome monolithic platforms. We’re committed to continuous delivery for financial services. Our composable approach supports updates on a daily-basis, creating an ever-evolving, future-proof SaaS framework. And we are built for scalability.

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    Infinite iteration and opportunity

    We provide a full suite of components that can be selected and assembled in endless combinations. We are not modular - instead independent elements can be swapped, replaced, supplanted, reconstructed and applied to new financial experiences again and again.

Composability in action

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    Our guide to composability, its benefits, core principles and real life examples.

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    10 principles

    An infographic that illustrates the 10 principles of our unique composable banking approach.

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We’ve selected Mambu’s composable platform to build Vietnam’s first digital only bank as it is fully scalable, allowing us to grow quickly and respond with agility to customer needs as they arise. The Mambu platform is also completely configurable, meaning we can design it to meet our specific requirements.
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Mambu gives you a composable technology foundation to enable a new agile-first operating model for your business:

  • Win customer hearts with financial experiences tailored to their needs
  • Innovate faster and go further than your competitors
  • Tap into opportunities to grow and monetise services with low capital investment
Compose your own destiny


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