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Change happens. Embrace it

Composable banking is about more than adopting new technology and integrating new systems. It’s also a mindset about developing cultures and processes that help banks move at the speed of change. Download our guide 'Core banking in a cloud world' to discover the composable banking mindset now.

What’s your digital transformation mindset and how does it measure up against composable banking?

Banks need an approach to digital transformation that meets their specific needs and is achievable. Which of these mindsets do you recognise in your own organisation and will it work?

Self-build – rip it out and start again

This is about replacing legacy technology for a new solution you design and build in-house. This sounds like a good idea until you consider the length of time it can take, the risk of near-instant obsolescence and, of course, the costs.

Monolith – ‘buy’ a complete solution from a vendor

Buying a monolithic solution from a vendor might seem to solve an immediate problem - replacing your legacy system - but then what? You’ll be at the mercy of a single supplier and their product's limitations.

Modular solutions – update and improve as you go

A modular approach comes from a bank’s need to update, evolve and augment services in a targeted and manageable way. However, the modules on offer are still very limited, often pre-defined and locked down by a single vendor.

Download our guide to Core banking in a cloud world.

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