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Composing an aspiration platform for positive change

We see sustainability as an ideal state where our business operations do not exacerbate environmental issues or limit social progress. We have a social responsibility towards our employees, customers, investors, and society at large to pursue this goal.

We balance our time and resources between projects that help us reduce or prevent negative impacts and projects that enhance positive impacts.

Sustainability Mambuvians forest cleanup

What we do

Climate action

Climate change is humanity’s number one present-day challenge that is already affecting people around the world. We see its impact in the changing environment around us, the stories of our employees and their families, and the type of banking solutions our clients are trying to support their customers with. We do our part by measuring and reducing the footprint of our operations and cloud-banking platform, and by empowering our employees and customers to personally drive sustainability in their personal and professional communities.

Mambu end of year impact report 2022

Customers & society

The financial sector has a critical role to play in aligning capital flows with sustainable development, and Mambu is uniquely positioned to support this alignment through our partner ecosystem and commercial decisions.

Head to our marketplace and search for available sustainability solutions, or read some of our favourite case studies:

Our customers at Mambu Next event

Mambu Matters

Our employees—called Mambuvians—are a diverse and motivated group who are deeply embedded in their home communities and have strong motivation to make them more sustainable. We support this motivation through our internal social impact programme, Mambu Matters.