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The financial tribes you need to know.

Never before have consumers set the bar higher for financial institutions. While their demands are challenging, they’re also achievable once we understand what motivates them. We’ve surveyed over 4,500 consumers globally, identifying the emerging consumer finance tribes banks need to know, their shared values and what makes them tick.

The new financial tribes

We've identified five emerging financial tribes that banks need to know about in a post pandemic world. The key consumer groups range from Techcelerators, who have adopted online services amid physical branch closures, to Convenience cravers, the one-stop shoppers who value all-in-one services at their fingertips, and Neo asset hoarders, the smallest, but a rapidly growing tribe.

Nearly two thirds (61%) of consumers globally have made greater use of online or digital banking services since the pandemic started and a further three quarters (75%) are now more likely to use these services in the next few months.

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The banking and finance industry, which is as “legacy” as industries come, has been shaken to its very core by the sudden and overwhelming demand for digital. With nine in ten consumers agreeing the availability of online and digital services is important to them in a financial institution, the evidence of this is clear throughout the report.

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Read the full report The financial tribes you need to know. Additional commentary from ClearBank, Backbase, PwC Strategy&, Currencycloud, Form3 and Tom Cheesewright, Applied Futurist.

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Rather than talking about products and services, banks need to think about user needs and how to support them. To truly offer something different, they must shift their role from service provider to lifestyle partner, one that understands consumer needs and values.

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