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Empower business with Buy Now Pay Later

The growth of Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) is explosive. In 2020 the global BNPL industry was estimated at USD 90.69 billion and it’s projected to hit USD 3.98 trillion (€3.5 trillion) by 2030. Empower your business with flexible BNPL options from Mambu.

Challenge traditional point of sale loan models

BNPL has challenged traditional point of sale financing business models, and turned into a growth engine for fintechs, incumbent banks, lenders, retailers and others looking to provide convenience to their customers. Mambu’s unique composable approach combined with dynamic core product engines and best-for-purpose third party providers enables any organisation to innovate and build a BNPL offering.

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Key business values of BNPL

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    For consumers, enjoy convenience, easy and quick access to zero interest loans or low cost installment loans with transparent payment plans and instant approval processes.

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    For merchants, boost sales, and improve checkout conversion rates with larger basket sizes and returning customers.

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    For BNPL providers, create new personal installment loan offerings and add a new revenue stream, all while keeping customer acquisition costs low through merchant checkout.

Open up BNPL possibilities with Mambu

Build and enhance BNPL products with composability, flexibility and speed.

  • Product set-up

    • Define product type: revolving credit, fixed or dynamic term loan
    • Set up interest rate and configure fees
    • Link to deposit account for settlement
    • Capture additional details using custom fields
  • Account creation

    • Create a BNPL loan account
    • Link deposit, down payment and fees
    • Link transaction channels for flow of funds
    • Link loan securities - guarantors and collateral assets
  • In-loan servicing

    • Process loan repayment
    • Reschedule loan
    • Refinance loan
    • Edit and customise repayment schedules and payment holiday