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Pioneering Swiss lending


bob Finance is part of Valora Schweiz AG, the leading provider of Foodvenience in Switzerland. The Zurich-based digital financial services provider offers simple and secure digital financing solutions for both individual and business customers.



Mambu's role

Cloud banking platform

The fintech originally leveraged Mambu to launch its ‘buy now, pay later’ offering for retailers called ‘bob Zero’ in 2020. As bob Finance further establishes itself in the lending market, it saw the need to deepen its technical integration with enterprise partners to provide fast and easy onboarding journeys and increase efficiency.

This required a platform hosted in Switzerland to comply with data residency requirements, which kicked off the latest migration project to a locally-based Google Cloud.

Today’s financial organisations require solutions that help drive innovation with customer security and business scalability.
Zac Maufe
Managing Director, Financial Services Industry Solutions

Zac Maufe, Managing Director, Financial Services Industry Solutions at Google Cloud: “By partnering with Mambu as a part of its business digital transformation goals, financial services institutions like bob Finance can benefit from in-country, technology-enabled approaches to banking at cloud scale.”

Hilmar Scheel, CEO at bob Finance: "We teamed up with Mambu because we were looking for a flexible, cloud-native platform with core product capabilities that would support our mission to become a reliable and versatile partner for financial services. Since then, we’ve reduced maintenance effort and information security risks through an up-to-date platform and technology stack compared to one that is individually hosted.”

With its offerings on Mambu’s platform, bob Finance is poised to continue building products and developing new opportunities in the region, while achieving its end goal of simplifying consumer finance for Swiss customers.

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