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Traditional banks, fintechs, lenders and non-financial institutions can batch configure Mambu elements to design and deliver world-class financial experiences for their customers, while ensuring consistency and traceability through their development lifecycle.

With Configuration as Code (CasC), customers can batch configure everything from organisation details and custom fields, to holidays, branches, user roles and more. CasC works via API using YAML-formatted requests, and it allows customers to use multiple configuration settings with a single API call per tenant. This means you can quickly configure new instances, standardise and migrate between tenants, and duplicate settings for multiple sandboxes.

Since we debuted CasC, we’ve largely expanded its use cases. In addition to general, financial and organisation set up elements, you may now batch configure your loan products, deposit products and custom fields. We’ve also enhanced user permissions to introduce more granular access control to facilitate maker-checker processes. For more information on elements currently supported, visit our support page.

The problem

While configurations through plain text files is standard practice in software development, it would require developers to make changes by hand in a text file for every new development and deployment, making the whole process error-prone and highly time-consuming.

On top of that, migrating configurations from one environment to the other would have to be done manually since there would be no easy way to provision the exact same baseline to a different environment, which meant migrations were tedious and risked straying from best practices.

The solution

CasC is aimed at mitigating these shortcomings by simplifying our customers’ ability to define, maintain, and version the configuration. Instead of a manual process, customers can now do batch configurations via the API using YAML-formatted requests, in a human and machine-readable form.

The applications

Mambu’s Configuration as Code (CasC) approach allows developers to quickly configure new tenants, standardise and transition configuration between them, automate configuration deployments via build pipelines and version control configurations by storing them in code repositories.

With Mambu’s CasC, customers can establish the parameters and settings for the following elements:

  • General set up i.e. organisation details, holidays, branches, internal controls
  • Financial set up i.e. index rates, currencies, transaction channels
  • Organisation i.e. branches, centres
  • Custom fields
  • User roles
  • Deposit products
  • Loan products

CasC endpoints support two operations—GET, which retrieves the current configuration, and PUT, which overwrites the existing configuration with a new configuration.

CasC has helped us set up more instances in a shorter period of time. We are able to configure up to 10 instances in one day, something we couldn't do with manual configuration.
Gloria Odip
Software Engineer

The benefits

Configuration as code offers a number of benefits for development teams including

  • Standardisation through ease of configuration and reconfiguration - ability to synchronise environments by taking the configuration from one environment and applying it to another within seconds. With CasC, developers are confident that their deployment is consistent across all environments.
  • Manageability - ability to build and deploy processes, such as validations, approvals, testing and more that are specific to unique configurations.
  • Security - reduced misconfiguration errors with automation, least-privilege permissions and higher levels of access auditability with user access separation controls.
  • Increased reliability - improved system uptimes and better consistency with each output.
  • Traceability - ability to trace changes and updates with a separate version control repository for each configuration.
  • Reduced costs - automating routine configuration processes reduces human error tenfold and frees up time for developers to engage in more high-value tasks.

For more information on all the possible configurations, visit our support page. Not yet a Mambu customer? Get started today.

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