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Configuration as Code

Our configuration as code (CasC) approach allows you to quickly configure new tenants, standardise and transition configuration between them, automate configuration deployments via build pipelines and to version control configurations by storing them in code repositories.

Innovate and change at speed with CasC

  • Quicker
    Reduce configuration management from hours to seconds
  • Safer
    Reduce human error rate tenfold
  • More efficient
    Increase the number of deployments ten times over

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6 benefits of config as code

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    Easy to configure and reconfigure

    Synchronise environments by taking the configuration from one environment and applying it to another within seconds.

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    Build and deploy processes - such as validations, approvals, testing and more - specific to your unique configurations.

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    Increased reliability

    Improve system uptimes and consistent output with each action.

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    Promote least-privilege permissions and higher levels of access auditability with user access separation controls.

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    Trace changes and updates with a separate version control repository for each configuration.

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    Reduced costs

    Reduce capital, time, and human-related errors tenfold.

CasC has greatly improved efficiency in instance configuration. Before CasC, the process was error prone as we had to manually create all custom fields and transaction channels manually. This would cause problems later on due to human error.
Gloria Odip
Software Engineer, Kwara

Open up possibilities with Mambu’s CasC

With Mambu’s CasC you can define all configuration elements in a simple plain text YAML file including:

  • General set up
  • Financial set up
  • Organisation
  • Custom fields
  • User roles
  • Deposit products
  • Loan products
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CasC has also helped us set up more instances in a shorter period of time. We are able to configure up to 10 instances in one day, something we couldn't do with manual configuration.
Gloria Odip
Software Engineer, Kwara

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