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Delve into the pressing need for core transformation in the banking sector, exploring how lower entry barriers, fintech competition, and the race for innovation are reshaping the industry.

During this on-demand webinar our Mambu and Google Cloud experts introduce innovative concepts, like composability, and guide you through various approaches to core transformation, providing a strategic roadmap for navigating the complexities of change.

Watch now to discover the benefits of embracing cloud-native solutions offered by Mambu and Google Cloud, explore a dual-core approach, and learn from successful case studies.

Watch on demand
Mambu and GCP get in front with a cloud core

Key take-aways

  • Explore how to shift gears to keep up with the dynamic and fast-moving banking landscape
  • Discuss how cloud technology, APIs and ecosystems can ensure banks and FI's don't lag behind
  • Recognise the need to change is easy - the hardest part is ‘how’. Exploring the complex factors that impact how to change
  • Discuss the approaches which deliver the greatest advantages. Do you evolve or transform?

You can download the full report here.