Get in front with a cloud core

Dive into cloud banking with Mambu and Google Cloud to discover why being ahead of the curve is not just an advantage, it's imperative.

Cloud technology, APIs, and ecosystems are transforming the banking landscape. By tackling legacy system challenges and adopting cloud-native solutions, you can control risks and cost-effectively drive competitive change.

Our report explores the options available for banks looking to provide services for tech-empowered customers to avoid being left behind by tech-savvy competitors.

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Core modernization starts here

Recognising the need to change is easy. The hardest part is ‘how?’

To truly free your front-end and become customer-centric, you need a super agile back-end. The heart of your operations, any new core platform must deliver all the basic functionality you need, and more.

Our easy-to-reference infographic outlines the four options and explores the implications, costs and risks.

“Mambu’s cloud banking platform and its partnership with Google Cloud offer the core banking solution that we are looking for and will allow us to focus on offering flexible cloud-based banking services.”

- Kharim Siregar, President Director, Bank Jago

Get in front with a cloud core

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In our report, we share how Mambu and Google Cloud can help you transform, grow and scale to meet evolving customer demands. Learn how to navigate through significant changes and make informed decisions to ensure the continued success of your financial institution.

Prepare for a cloud future with Mambu and Google Cloud.

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