Legacy to leading edge

How Mambu de-risks cloud migration

It’s hard to stay ahead in banking. Incumbents are trapped by expensive and unadaptable legacy banking systems and nimbler neobanks struggle to cost-effectively expand new capabilities at speed and scale as their businesses mature.

Building or migrating core banking functionalities to the cloud is a must for financial institutions looking to get in front. But with so many moving parts, core migration can easily be derailed.

In this guide, we consider what can go wrong, how to avoid it, and the tangible returns for those that manage to get it right.


A compelling case for a SaaS, cloud core

Today’s cloud-based solutions powered by APIs can deliver flexible banking cores without major disruption. They can help FIs fast-track migration plans while delivering agile and optimised platforms built for growth.

By opting for a cloud-native platform, such as Mambu, financial institutions (FIs) can access a low-code, fully configurable solution ready to scale. But the wrong approach can derail even the best tech-stack.

To help your migration stay on track, on time and on budget, there are some common pitfalls be aware off and some positive action you can take to smooth the path to success.


The rewards of getting it right

More sustainable operations

Easy and rapid scale-up

Faster time-to-market

Better experiences and performance

Improved flexibility and future-proofing

Better resilience against disruption


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