Integration & orchestration

With pre-built connectors and an extensive API architecture, you can build any stack you want, integrate services, and deliver great financial experiences at scale.


Connecting best-in-class technology

Gain instant access to 80+ verified technology partners screened to meet stringent criteria, including viability, regional availability, ecosystem compatibility, quality of service, API design and sandbox availability.


Access open APIs

APIs are the cornerstone of composable banking. Bridge your financial ecosystem, technology vendors and our cloud banking platform to create endless possibilities for innovation. Our API-first technology offers a suite of RESTful APIs that provide access to every aspect of our platform.

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Compose your ideal stack

Swiftly assemble and configure independent components and systems with our robust integration layer. Harness the power of composability to improve your flow of data and agility to set you apart as the industry evolves.

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Developer tools

Mambu empowers developers to bring changes and results to market in days, not months, and allows for rapid adoption of new technologies and automation. Our support portal gives access to all necessary documentation to start building with Mambu.

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Connected solutions

Access a new world of innovation and tap into the external services you need to be tailored and configured to meet customer requirements.

Upstream solutions

  • Customer experience & digital engagement
  • Account & loan origination
  • Credit decisioning
  • Customer relationship management
  • Financial crime mitigation

Downstream solutions

  • Payment processing
  • Card issuing & processing
  • Accounting & finance
  • Regulatory reporting
  • Data analytics & business intelligence

The cloud banking platform that makes it possible

Configurable deposits and lending products, partnerships with best-of-breed technology providers, your choice of major cloud providers and a clear and transparent SaaS delivery and pricing model, we’ve got you covered.


Cloud-native advantages

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