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PaymentComponents is a B2B solution provider for the Open Banking age. We build open and light software components that can transform your business. That is why we gathered the best designers, domain experts, and stellar engineers to help Banks and Financial technology companies become digital champions. Our Open Banking Components are the necessary ingredients for Financial Institutions to innovate and thrive in the digital space.

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PaymentComponents has customers ranging from the largest financial institutions to small startups and Neo banks. They are more than 50 clients worldwide distributed in almost all continents. PaymentComponents has developed a proprietary software product for payment gateway for banks and financial institutions called aplonHUB™.

aplonHUB™ is a fast and simple way for banks to add SEPA and SWIFT routing functionality, to existing systems. Its light footprint, simple installation and almost unattended operation, makes it ideal for most banks.

It can function either as a standalone solution or a fully integrated with the existing payments platform. The interfaces provided can be used directly by MAMBU to manage and route Credit transfers, Instant credit transfers and Direct Debits. Its routing and scheduling features will simplify your operations and will add the necessary control to your payments process.

aplonHUB transacts with MAMBU in a number of methods to handle all the advanced routing and message transformation needs. It performs all the needed transformation and validation of SWIFT or SEPA messages before and after the connection with the SwiftAlliance or Service bureau.

Functional Features

  1. Parse and store incoming and outgoing MT, ISO20022 and SEPA messages
  2. Handles SEPA Credit transfers, Instant Credit transfers, SEPA Direct Debits.
  3. Checks and validates all messages and generate alerts where appropriate
  4. Alerts on erroneous messages are highlighted in separate screen and they will need acknowledgement by an operator that they have been read.
  5. Supports search capabilities to search for old messages.  Search is done like: Find “this text” contained in “this tag”.  This produces a list of messages.
  6. Ability to display all SWIFT MT messages parsed.
  7. Parsed MT messages are also available as a user-friendly PDF, to be used as SWIFT advice.
  8. Correlation of MT19x plus MT900, 910, 999 (checking TAG 21) messages against payment messages. The related messages are shown side by side.
  9. Incoming MT300 and MT320 are compared with equivalent outgoing messages. The differences between the two will be highlighted.
  10. Ability to automatically generate reply/request for cancelation/returns/Rejects for SEPA messages
  11. Integrates with SWIFT ACKs/NACKs

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