Mambu value calculator

Based on your sector, location, and size, the Mambu value calculator will provide customised insights, market intelligence and forecast growth opportunities for your business.

These insights:

  • Will reveal how to gain competitive advantage
  • Consider options to win market share
  • Will be an additional catalyst for decision-making

Insights and analysis provided are for informational purposes only and must be treated as confidential to Mambu. It must not be shared with or used by any third parties.

Did you know?

Over the past 3 years...

The average Mambu customers’ revenue growth rate was 24 percentage points higher than comparably sized peers.

In 2019...

Our customers averaged 47% revenue growth. In 2020, during the height of the pandemic, this dipped to 14%, whilst their non-Mambu competitors dropped to just 1%.

Into recovery in 2021...

Mambu customers averaged 34% revenue growth in 2021, while their equivalents not on Mambu averaged at just 10%.

Source: CVT Benchmarking, Global Mambu customers and peers of similar size and the same business segments

Mambu customers share a common trait: they thrive in dynamic environments and outperform competitors.

According to McKinsey, resilient companies move faster in productivity, preserving growth capacity.

  • They prioritise financial stability, operational efficiency, and technological advancement.
  • They swiftly divest in the downturn and acquire at recovery inflection.

This underlines the innate ability to change. At speed. And be technologically savvy. Be prepared for future profitability, increased growth.

The future is unpredictable.
Be resilient and focus beyond short-term performance.