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Modern digital customer experiences


Raiffeisen Digital Bank (RDB) is a provider of consumer financial services under the Austrian-based banking group Raiffeisen Bank International AG (RBI), a brand with a rich history of 135 years, and a true testament to security and stability. RDB launched a greenfield digital retail bank in Poland to offer modern financial experiences to digitally-native customers.



Mambu's role

Cloud banking platform

RBI primarily operates brick-and-mortar banks with 17.2 million customers and 1699 business outlets across Eastern Europe. To take its traditional services to new frontiers, the banking group sought to digitise and grow its product range from legacy technology to cloud-native solutions. The digital transformation would enable swift expansion into new markets and the acquisition of a growing customer base seeking fully digital banking services.

We have a rich history and heritage rooted in long standing values that have kept us at the pinnacle for decades. Finding a cloud-native provider with the technical hacks and expertise was as important as ensuring that we also share a similar vision. With Mambu onboard, we can continue to steer towards bringing simplicity and convenience to our customers.
Jakub Malach
Head of Lending, Raiffeisen Digital Bank

The bank chose to develop Raiffeisen Digital Bank (RDB), a greenfield mobile application, on Mambu’s cloud-native lending engine, using a composable approach. RDB’s user-friendly app supports everyday banking services, from applying for a loan to approval and payments, allowing customers to save time and borrow securely with more ease and convenience.

RDB is continually evolving their product offering to provide more seamless and flexible solutions, embracing the brand ideals of a bank with tradition and a modern future.

RDB chose Mambu because the cloud offers ultimate flexibility, embraces simplicity and allows it to focus on creativity, innovation, and value-added services. Download the case study to learn more.