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We are committed to enhancing our cloud banking platform as we strive to empower our customers to create exceptional financial experiences.

Explore the latest developments, from a new release of functions, our transition to API v2, to cross-cloud disaster recovery and enhancements to our cards and payment processing capabilities.

Platform & Core Services

Event-driven Mambu Functions are now available in Early Access for customers on AWS

Mambu Functions allows you to extend the functionality of our Cloud Banking Platform like never before to substitute pre-existing processes in our core with your own logic.

In addition to previously released core extensions, we have now released event-driven functions which integrate with our Streaming API and allow you to leverage any event happening in the core to build flows that truly work for you to fit your unique needs.

Learn more about the full details of this feature in our latest blog. For tailored assistance and to discuss specific requirements, we recommend reaching out to your dedicated Mambu Customer Success Manager.

Transitioning to API v2

Providing rich functionalities via our APIs is a cornerstone of our Composable Banking ethos. We offer a full suite of RESTful APIs that provide programmatic access to nearly every aspect of our Cloud Banking Platform.

We have grown exponentially over the last few years, especially with our APIs. In order to bring our customers greater functionality and more seamless and efficient integration experience with the Mambu Cloud Platform, we're excited to share our transition to Mambu API v2.

Enhancements to our APIs include:

  • More refined design with an enhanced idempotency mechanism, ensuring consistent and reliable data handling,
  • Seamless pagination for effortless data retrieval, and more refined details which will add precision to our customers’ operations,
  • Enhanced developer-friendly framework with more mature security controls.

We have now decided to sunset our API v1 to fully focus on improving our API v2. To ensure a smooth transition, Mambu will phase out v1 APIs in three stages which allows for an iterative migration, ensuring seamless and uninterrupted service to our customers’ operations throughout the process.

Cloud Hosting

Ensuring business continuity with cross-cloud disaster recovery

With the rise of regulatory scrutiny associated with data recovery and storage, robust cross-cloud disaster recovery becomes a must rather than a simple need for financial institutions.

Mambu is cloud-native and allows customers to choose their preferred provider across three leading cloud providers: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure based on specific business, technical and regulatory requirements, whether located in the same or a different geographical region, and without impacting availability or service levels. With the flexibility for customers to make choices based on their preferences and regional requirements, it's essential to have a robust disaster recovery solution in place to ensure seamless operations, even in challenging situations.

Leveraging our multi-cloud platform, Mambu has built a cross-cloud disaster recovery solution that ensures business continuity and acts as an “as needed” safeguard during a disaster.

Cards and Payment Processing

New API endpoints for card transactions

We have enriched our Cards APIs with an additional endpoint. Now, our customers can easily access detailed information about card transactions using the card token and external reference identifier. Card transaction data additionally includes card transaction reversals information, if received. This allows our customers to build payment card integrations with fewer API calls.

Automated payment card processing for locked accounts

With the Mambu-Marqeta integration, customers can process payment card transactions on accounts in a locked state. Previously, transactions on locked accounts were carried out manually. The integration will re-process payment card transactions on locked accounts by temporarily unlocking the account, completing the transaction and locking the account again. This will eliminate the need for manual intervention by the bank employees, increasing efficiency and leading to an enhanced user experience.

Stay tuned

We hope you find these insights beneficial. If you are a Mambu customer and want to know more, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager or subscribe to our Customer newsletter, where we share regular updates on the advancements we're making as we refine our cloud banking platform.

If you're not already using Mambu, and curious what it’s all about, why wait? Start your journey today and become one of the 250+ trailblazers shaping the future of finance.

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