The end of transformation?

Popular misperceptions about banking digitalisation

Many CxOs and transformation leaders believe that their bank’s digital transformation journey has reached its destination. Unfortunately this perceived completion is far from reality.

A successful digital transformation journey means carrying out not only front-end technology upgrades or the implementation of modern third-party services. It requires a shift in mind-set, business planning and overall strategy to truly capture the benefits of next generation processes.

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Where should banks begin… and end?

Customers today have been influenced by the technology standard set by trailblazers like Netflix and Google. They want more intuitive and personal services, no matter the provider. Therefore transformation and digitisation are among the most heavily strategised initiatives in banking and financial services today.

By adopting a modern core banking system with a composable architecture, banks can launch next-generation banking solutions built for the evolving needs of their customers. They can customise and design new offerings with ease, and step by step move away from legacy.

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