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A speedboat by ABN AMRO


New10 is a digital lending spinoff by the Dutch banking giant ABN AMRO. The lender’s target market is small and medium-sized businesses who are looking for a simple and transparent process. New10 offers loans ranging from €20,000 to €1,000,000, and very fast, user-friendly processes and tools.

Customer base

2000 +



Mambu's role

Cloud banking platform

The challenge

In 2016 ABN AMRO saw a shift in the market, and identified three key market trends - 1) they were faced with the arrival of innovative fintechs and bigtechs, 2) need to change legacy systems and processes and 3) need to seek out new market opportunities.

After assessing the gaps and the demand, ABN AMRO began looking for ways to position itself for the future. It was clear to ABN AMRO they could not respond to competitors on their existing technology and operating model, as it was just too slow, expensive and resource-heavy. As a result, ABN AMRO decided to take an agile approach and leverage best-of-service cloud technologies.

New10 was set up as an independent business, giving it access to the best of two worlds - the speed and agility of a fintech and the financial expertise, and resources of ABN AMRO.

For a decreased speed to market and to be able to focus their development efforts on customer facing value creation, New10 was in search of a composable, lean and cloud-native solution that is infinitely scalable and flexible, and that would cost only a fraction of a traditional system.

The solution

From the start, New10 focused all development efforts on customer facing value creation, such as creating their own digital presence, being in control of UX, customer journey and data aggregation. To be able to direct their attention to business value coding and configuration, they chose to involve partners that offered lean, flexible and infinitely scalable solutions.

New10 took a cloud-native approach, based on a serverless architecture and principles of composability - the rapid and flexible assembly of independent, best-for-purpose systems.

New10 chose Mambu as their core engine building their architecture on its API-enabled service, leveraging a wide ecosystem of third party vendors. By deploying on Amazon Web Services (AWS), New10 benefitted from instant scalability and elasticity, reduced operational effort and automation.

Through this composable approach, they were able to choose innovative and easily integrated solutions to build the offering. Integrations include front-end origination and customer portal, KYC, AML, credit scoring and a decision rules engine.

Bringing a fully digital approach to life meant an entrepreneurial approach and a fully cloud-native environment. As lean and agile as the business itself.
Jaap Boersma

The results

Having been positioned next to ABN AMRO, New10 accesses the best of two worlds - the speed and agility of a fintech and the financial expertise, and resources of ABN AMRO. The freedom to experiment with cutting-edge technologies allowed New10 to take a cloud-native approach and reinvent online lending.

Through a fully automated assessment process New10 checks whether a company is healthy and reliable to qualify for a loan. A unique model automatically calculates the risk profile of the customer on the basis of transaction data and annual figures - all without the customer being questioned.


Born in the cloud, New10 was able to scale with a small team and experiment quickly and easily. As ABN AMRO’s convenient proposition for self-directed SME loans, New10 provides their customers with a strikingly modern user experience, fast onboarding, and a transparent 15-minute credit decision, whilst funds can be made available within two working days.

Within the first six months of launch, New10 signed on more than 2000 accounts, resulting in more than 100 new loans. More than 65% of their customers were new to ABN AMRO, and the bank's Net Promoter Score increased to 60+.