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Is the grass greener on the sustainable side?

As green finance gains traction, the financial industry is waking up to the idea that the economy doesn’t have to destroy the planet. It is a trend the financial sector can no longer afford to dismiss. In this report we surveyed over 6,000 consumers globally on their attitudes to green finance.

Branching into green finance

With the pressures of more sustainable lifestyles on the rise, it’s high time for financial brands to shift gears and understand how to win new customers while protecting the planet.

The results of our latest Disruption Diaries report are loud and clear: 60% of consumers say they would like every financial service they use to be sustainable.

However, over two thirds think their current bank is guilty of greenwashing.

How can banks address this growing market, while fixing the communication gap with its users?

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Disruption diaries - Green banking infographic
The opportunity for green finance will come from leveraging technology to make a positive difference at scale.
Oli Cook
CEO & Co-founder

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Read the full report Is the grass greener on the sustainable side? Additional commentary from Google Cloud, ekko, Bain & Company, Globant, GoCardless, Brim Financials, and Climate Finance Fund.

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It isn't easy being green, but we can help navigate the opportunities.

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