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Better SME lending

Digital SME lending is on the rise. Impacted by the pandemic, small businesses face big challenges. The demand for financing is unprecedented, and in response, SMEs are turning to alternative lending options to meet their financing needs.

Small business lending

When it comes to accessing fast and reliable small business loans, SMEs have been underserved for decades. This has limited their ability to grow and weather a serious financial crisis.

By addressing the credit gap and offering SME financing, fintech lenders can help realise the untapped potential of SMEs everywhere.

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SMEs are big business.

Of businesses worldwide are SMEs - World Bank

Of SMEs are unable to secure funding due to limited access and choice in business lending

In unmet financing needs for SMEs globally - World Bank

Of SME owners started trading after being put on furlough or made redundant due to COVID-19

In Mambu we have found a purely cloud native core banking partner that allows us to leverage their offering and expertise so that we can focus on what we do best – SME lending.
Yanir Yakutiel
CEO & Founder

Deliver distinctive CX

and create truly customer-centric SME lending experiences, thanks to our partner ecosystem and unique composable approach.

Outpace the market

by going live in just a few weeks. Enabled by our low-code process, and public APIs, lenders can continuously iterate with zero disruption.

Realise new economics

and grow across borders or in numbers. With no heavy upfront investment or vendor lock-in, SME lenders can scale, seamlessly.

SME lenders choose Mambu.

Lending in the digital age

SMEs want better support and they’re not afraid to change lenders to find it. With over 90% of SMEs open to switching lenders globally, SME banks and lenders can’t afford to be complacent. With a composable technology foundation from Mambu, hundreds of financial institutions have shifted to a high-velocity operating model to win the hearts of their customers every day, while achieving previously unattainable economics.

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92% of SMEs say they are open to changing lenders for different or simpler digital support


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