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Better SME lending

Whether it’s an SME business loan to start or expand operations, or financing to support growth, Mambu provides the tools for lenders to build and launch fully configurable SME lending products that are tailored to the unique needs of small and medium-sized enterprises.

SMEs are big business

SMEs make up around 90% of businesses and employ more than half of the global workforce. We surveyed 1,000 SMEs globally about their experience accessing finance through banks and lenders.

SMEs want better support and they’re not afraid to change lenders. Mambu’s composable technology foundation helped hundreds of financial institutions shift to a high-velocity operating model to win the hearts of their SME customers.

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Of SMEs globally have been unable to secure sufficient, or any, funding on at least one or more occasions.

Of SMEs say they are open to changing lenders for different or simpler loans for SME support.

Differentiate products and delight SMEs

  • rocket speed

    Speed & ease

    The need for speed and ease to launch SME lending products with customised terms such as dynamic calculation models, configurable fees and repayment schedules, and flexible loan servicing options.

  • Honeycomb expansion

    Global expansion

    Quickly expand across multiple geographies with innovative SME lending products that are customised to each market’s needs, compliant with local regulations, and integrated with existing technology/systems.

  • automation and digitisation

    Automation & digitisation

    Automate the loan application process to reduce the potential for human error, ensuring consistency and adherence to processes, compliance and increased security.

The collaboration between Allica and Mambu teams at every stage of the delivery lifecycle has been a key success factor that enabled rapid delivery. We look forward to continued collaboration as we embark on the next phase of our journey.
Allica Bank

Deliver distinctive experiences

Instant loan configuration and highly customisable products allowing lenders to adapt and respond to the demands of their SME business customers.

Adapt and scale with resilience

Rapid and efficient expansion to new markets through scalable, low-code configurations, and well-fitting API connectors. No-code/low-code product configuration allows you to iterate and test products with in-house resources.

Harness a digital ecosystem

Access our marketplace with best-for-purpose modern technology vendors. By integrating independent providers we enable customers to establish seamless, fully automated loan processes.

We’ve got your back

Core product development principles

  • Cloud-native & API-first

    • SME lending products designed and built for the cloud-first world
    • Leveraging the latest technology and development methodologies
    • API-first development and ecosystem enablement
  • No-code configuration

    • No-code product, process, and data-set configuration
    • Single code base for all customers
    • Instant API accessibility on all changes
  • SaaS servicing model

    • Managed infrastructure services with continuous platform enhancements
    • No customisation and minimal professional services
    • Aligned operating and commercial models
  • Singular product focus

    • World class core connecting best-for-purpose ecosystem partners
    • Leverage enhancements and innovation from all customers
Bringing a fully digital approach to life meant an entrepreneurial approach and a fully cloud-native environment. As lean and agile as the business itself.

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