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Meet the fintech unicorn reinventing digital inclusion across LATAM

Ualá turned to Mambu to create modern financial experiences and build a loyal community of customers.

Ongoing growth

Every year millions of Gen Z adults enter the workforce. They all expect fast and frictionless user experiences when managing their money from their smartphones.

Mambu’s cloud platform allows Ualá to scale and expand to numerous geographies at a faster pace.

Today Ualá offers a personal wealth management app and a prepaid Mastercard card for in-store, online, ATM transactions and international payments.

The company has grown to become a brand name across the Americas in the past years, especially after expanding its services to Mexico and Colombia.

uala mambu
We chose Mambu because it has a global presence and a proven track record in scaling lending businesses worldwide, so we could partner with confidence and start building right away.
Sebastián Silva

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Mambu's cloud banking platform enables modern financial experiences. With our composable technology, hundreds of financial powerhouses and fintech disruptors around the world have shifted to a high velocity operating model to offer products and services that align with their customers' values and ethics.

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