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Join the trailblazers changing banking.

The best financial brands in the world are powered by Mambu's cloud banking platform.

We enable our customers to build great banking experiences that their customers love; in a faster and more flexible way than ever before.

"Mambu’s ease of integration, flexibility and time to market has helped us give our customers an unrivalled, technology-driven mobile banking experience."
"We are very excited to collaborate with Mambu on this project because it aligns with our strategic vision of improving our customer experience and offering our products and services to more Chileans."
"Running on Mambu not only enables us to focus on scaling and innovation, but it also is a great cultural fit."
"We have a very pragmatic approach to lending and savings and saw a great match of culture and ethos in Mambu."

Deliver distinctive CX.

Put Mambu at the core of your banking or lending architecture to create a customer-centric experience that you fully control. Our partner ecosystem and unique composable approach allow you to connect to independent services and solutions in order to build the differentiated and personalised financial offerings you need to keep up with changing customer and market demands.

Outpace the market.

To be and stay competitive, you need a high-velocity operating model that is only possible with Mambu. Our go lives are measured in days and weeks, not years. Plus, Mambu's low-code process, single code base, publicly available APIs and regular releases have you future-proofed, so you continuously iterate with zero disruption. And it’s all compliant and secure.

Realise new economics.

Born in the cloud, with a transparent SaaS subscription model, our platform will easily scale with you in numbers or across borders. Costs are closely aligned to value, opening up new possibilities with no heavy upfront investment, vendor lock-in or costly professional service engagements. Digital transformation that’s cost-effective.

A composable approach

Composable banking started here at Mambu. We founded the company when we realised that legacy and inflexible core banking systems were a barrier to true financial innovation. With Mambu’s composable approach you can combine independent components and services to build exactly what you need, when you need it.

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Mambu engine

Lending engine

Mambu’s cloud-native lending engine enables banks, fintechs, retailers, corporates and others to build a variety of loan offerings tailored to customer needs. From embedded finance, buy now pay later and mortgages to SME lending and purchase financing.

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Loan manager on Mambu platform

Deposits engine

With Mambu, you get a dynamic deposits engine that can power a wide variety of deposit-based offerings. Build a bank from scratch or take existing offerings digital-first, From banks of all sizes, building societies and credit unions, to digital wallets, prepaid cards and more.

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Deposit manager on Mambu platform

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