Cloud services

As a cloud-native platform, we fully manage your infrastructure in the cloud with a choice of leading cloud service providers to ensure maximum performance, security, scalability and reliability.

Multi-Cloud approach

Run with confidence on the cloud

Choose a cloud provider based on your specific business, technical and regulatory requirements, located in the same or a different geographical region, and without impacting availability or service levels.

Born in the cloud, delivered as a service

As the first cloud-native, software-as-a-service (SaaS) core banking platform, Mambu is highly flexible, allowing easy changes to financial products and comes with lower cost and implementation times than traditional legacy vendors.

Freedom of choice

No matter what your strategic objectives with Mambu are, choose the cloud service provider that best meets your specific business, technical and regulatory needs.

Regional flexibility

Our extended deployment flexibility empowers you to run in every region with high performance, security and reliability. We’re here to support your expansion plans.

Faster time-to-market

Through better configurability, our platform makes it easier to test, develop, and deploy new products. Customers can deliver new services, features and changes faster.


The cloud can be made infinitely scalable. This means you can keep growing, onboarding new clients, and launching new products without ever worrying about running out of capacity.

Reduced costs

Enable a predictable, transparent cost structure with reduced resources for deployment and management, minimised latent capacity and an elastic consumption model.

Reliable & secure

Our platform adheres to the latest security standards and empowers you to build robust, adaptable foundations while maintaining continuous change management.

Cloud banking with Mambu

What it means for you

Go-live in 4 to 9 months

60% faster than other providers

A proven track record with a 98% project success rate


Excellent and stable uptime guaranteed

SOC 1 & SOC 2


ISO 27001



Reduction in carbon footprint VS on-prem

12+ years

of experience and pioneer of next-gen core and composable banking


Scale up or down in seconds as needed

Managed cloud infrastructure

Maximum value, low effort

Shared or dedicated environment

Save costs in a shared environment or opt for higher enterprise controls, access rights and custom update windows in your dedicated environment in a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC).

Scalable infrastructure

Automatic horizontally-scaling infrastructure from DNS to load balancer over application server to database read replicas and vertically-scalable master database server, delivered as a managed service.

Fully-managed updates

We always ensure you’re using the latest, most secure and high performance technology stack available. Reducing maintenance efforts and maximising value for you.

Database backups & redundancy

Up to the second database rollbacks, backups and multi-zone redundancy ensures no data loss. Meaning safe, secure and reliable environments for your customer information.

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Security & compliance

Mambu lives up to high financial industry and banking security standards. We’re compliant with all common requirements, which are externally verified.

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