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Never has banking been so dynamic or fast-moving. Barriers to entry are lower than ever before, stimulating new competition. As a result, the industry is reinventing itself.

This guide looks at how banks need to approach their core banking transformations and how they can achieve agility by embracing new technology.

Most banks offer flashy apps and chatbots, but few have truly digital cores.

Banks are stuck with outdated systems, forcing them to pile on new features that create complexity and risk. This is a waste of money and effort, as they're essentially building new systems on top of old ones.

Fortunately, modern cloud technology offers a way out. Banks can now mitigate risks and implement new features in a controlled environment, paving the way for a more secure and efficient future.


Four options dominate banks’ core decisions


Retain the existing system with current functionality, while following market leaders to determine the next upgrade step.


Rip & replace the existing core with a modern solution. Requires a higher initial investment and the ability to justify the risk.


Search the market for challengers performing well and purchase the business in order to jumpstart a move into digital banking.


Implement a parallel core, then break it into components and start enabling capabilities one at a time. Transform gradually.

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