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While most banks offer flashy apps and modern chatbots, very few can boast of truly digital cores.

The majority of banks run on outdated core systems, forced to add layer after layer on top of opaque legacy infrastructure. The outcome? A nicer-looking front-end at the cost of added complexity, heightened risk and millions in investment. It’s a heavy price to pay for relying on old systems. You’re just building future legacy technology.

While banks understand the threat, and the strategic importance of change, many struggle to address it. Yet contrary to how the industry has operated for decades, cloud technology, APIs and ecosystems allow institutions to mitigate risks, test models and implement in a controlled environment.

Time to make the switch. The 4 options.

Wait & see

Retain the existing system with current functionality, while following market leaders to determine the next upgrade step.


Rip & replace the existing core with a modern solution. Requires a higher initial investment and the ability to justify the risk.

Buy a challenger

Search the market for challengers performing well and purchase the business in order to jumpstart a move into digital banking.


Implement a parallel core, then break it into components and start enabling capabilities one at a time. Transform gradually.

Mambu lets you build new financial experiences based on a simple idea: Change used to be a big liability. Today, it’s your biggest asset.

In this whitepaper, we share how Mambu’s SaaS cloud banking platform can help you transform, grow and scale to meet evolving customer demands.

Here are some of the financial institutions that have gained radical competitive advantage with Mambu.