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In a crisis like no other, banks have had to navigate these challenging times with a radical rethink of the fast-shifting industry landscape. IDC’s research shows that banking changed rapidly in 2020, with only a few banks able to overcome the challenges to thrive on the disruption.

What do banks and financial institutions need to prepare themselves for the inevitable digital disruption 2021 - and beyond - will bring?

This InfoBrief from IDC - sponsored by Mambu - outlines the 12 core capabilities of fourth-generation banking systems that allow banks to be hyper-personalised, extremely agile and ultra-lean. From being customer designed, configurable and composable, to allowing for constant upgrades and continuous deployment, fourth-generation core banking systems are a new breed of digital core banking systems.

To learn more, download the IDC InfoBrief: Composable Core: Capturing Banking’s Endless Possibilities.