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Build & deploy digital onboarding journeys that are as unique as your customers are. Provide them access to your products anywhere, anytime and on any device. Zenoo + Mambu, the first SaaS solution for true end-to-end digital customer onboarding.

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With the new customer onboarding platform Zenoo, banks & lenders worldwide can finally launch beautiful, flawlessly compliant onboarding flows fast, without the headaches and hassles of planning & building in-house.

Get a stunning, fully-compliant onboarding flow for your company’s website or app in weeks. Pre-connected to industry-leading anti-fraud, KYC & solvency providers, right out-of-the-box.

Frictionless, mobile-optimized app & web design customized to suit your business’s unique brand, closely coupled with Mambu to reduce your time to market and improve your customer experience.

Key Features of the Zenoo platform:

  • Onboard customers in minutes: build fully automated and quick onboarding experiences tightly coupled with Mambu
  • Frictionless by design: Build successful onboarding experiences with Zenoo Elements our battle tested components
  • Built for scale: Run millions of onboarding processes with Zenoo Hub - our distributed publish-subscribe messaging system
  • Pre-integrated Apps: Connected with most KYC/KYB, eSign, 3rd Party data services, analytics engines and more.  With the ability to add your own services with ease.
  • Flexible Deployment:  Cloud, hybrid, on-premise
  • Get to market in style and with speed: Speed-to-market of a boxed solution, flexibility or your own custom code.

Built by developers, for developers... but also product teams: Design, craft and collaborate on experience designs using Zenoo Studio.

For more information, visit Zenoo's website.

Zenoo comes pre-integrated with Mambu to help you on your digital journey. Key features of the integration:

  • Verify new/existing client and run your preferred treatment: Use OTP and other verification methods to understand if they current user is a client and the status of their application
  • Save & Continue: Show clients pending steps in their onboarding journey if they drop off and come back on any device
  • Create/update Client records: Automate the process of creating client records and updating existing records based on data collected from the end client online
  • Create Loan, Deposit applications: Automatically create applications based on product selection, update application data (core and custom fields) and update status’ based on your rules
  • Dynamic Tasks: Create tasks for employees in Mambu to review/verify client requests based on your rules.
  • Update Client records with 3rd party data: Use Zenoo to interact with your Clients and 3rd Party services and use Mambu as your record of customer, collecting KYC/KYB, Open Banking, Pep/Sanctions data, eSigned contracts and more.

Zenoo powers the digital onboarding for the customers like Refinitiv and TransUnion.

For more information, visit Zenoo's website.

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