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Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS)

The adoption of customer-centric models has led to the growth of Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS) where licenced banks provide their infrastructure and functionality to third-parties. Non-bank businesses connect to a bank’s systems directly via APIs so that they can embed financial services directly into their products.

BaaS is critical part of today’s business, and it’s projected to reach $11.34 billion globally by 2030. With Mambu, we take care of your BaaS technology, while you take care of business.

Mambu’s BaaS customers flourish

BaaS providers can, in combination with Mambu’s cloud-native banking platform, offer these services supported and hosted on our robust, extensible, and secure infrastructure, driving speed and scalability.

Average year-on-year revenue growth vs like-for-like peers

Average year-on-year active customer growth vs like-for-like peers

Average year-on-year deposit portfolio growth vs like-for-like peers

Build the perfect solution

Open up possibilities with Mambu

Mambu’s key BaaS capabilities help your business scale and innovate.

Centralised ledger system

  • Define product type: revolving credit, fixed or dynamic term loan
  • Set-up interest rates and configure fees
  • Link to deposit account for settlement
  • Capture additional details using custom fields

Unlimited use cases

We can support all the variations of your BaaS businesses.

Flexible partner integration

Our APIs and partners allow you to create seamless integration and differentiated business models.

  • Payments
  • Card issuance
  • Foreign exchange solution
  • Compliance and others

Meet Mambu, the technology enabler of innovative BaaS solutions

Technology is the key enabler for businesses to provide a one-stop frictionless experience for consumers. In today’s dynamic market, Mambu's unique composable approach, low-code/no-code technology and cloud-native SaaS cloud core banking platform provide flexible and easy-to-configure options for launching, maintaining, and upgrading BaaS products.

Boost your business

Customer stories

“For our continued growth as a BaaS provider, we now have one of the most modern and agile IT platforms among European banks. This step positions us to meet the rapidly increasing demand for digital banking solutions.

  • 1st and only pan-European deposit marketplace
  • 1 million global customers
  • 40 federally insured US partner institutions

Mambu was able to show us a very unique flexibility on the product configuration side. Their solution driven mindset, communication efficiency and speed of integration is unmatched.

  • 2 million end users
  • 4 months to go-live on Mambu
  • €130 million net revenue in 2022

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