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Stored value accounts

The ways that stored value accounts are being used - and the opportunities for continued growth in our increasingly cashless world - is limited only by imagination. Mambu helps companies easily and proactively embrace stored value account technology within our cloud-based platform and deposit engine by supporting stored value cards and stored value digital wallets solutions.

Build recurring revenue with simplified spending

Stored value accounts are a win-win proposition for any business. One report estimates that prepaid cards accounted for 2% of eCommerce and 1% of all global point of sale spend in 2019. With global retail sales expected to exceed USD 32.8 trillion in 2026*, it’s a massive ready-made market valued between USD 328B - USD 656B.

From transit system cards to calling cards, payroll cards, gift cards and more, stored value cards and digital wallets are a smart card-based alternative to cash for customers that provide flexible and ready-to-use spending power.

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*Total Retail Sales Worldwide (2021–2026), Oberlo

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Your transactional account solution for digital wallets, and prepaid or stored value cards.

  • wallet cards

    Closed, open or both

    Choose to build your brand or keep spending contained with a closed loop prepaid card that’s restricted to your chosen establishments. Or offer wider acceptance and appeal with a ‘use anywhere’ open loop card. Mambu lets you do both, to match business or consumer needs.

  • cloud and cogs

    One solution, many uses

    With Mambu, there’s no limit to your prepaid portfolio - from digital wallets and general purpose reloadable debit cards, to gifting, incentive, government benefit/disbursement and even payroll cards.

  • lightening

    Create, launch and grow

    Stored value accounts are one of the easiest ways to enable access to the card payment ecosystem for a wider demographic. Create fully customised stored value instruments with minimal investment and effort.

Our ambition is to provide market-leading financial solutions to our customers. By partnering with Mambu we have built our digital banking products and services in Europe starting with Germany and Romania.
Thomas Mazzaferro, Chief Data & Innovation Officer

A prepaid product portfolio that fits your business ... and your customers.

  • Stored value cards - launch, load and go!

    Turn every interaction into revenue by offering reloadable and non-reloadable open and closed loop cards straight away.

    Stored value cards
  • Take aim with stored value digital wallets

    Providing a stored value digital wallets solution is a direct entry into a growing revenue stream.

    Stored value digital wallets

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