Stored value accounts

From transit system cards to calling cards, gift cards and more, stored value cards and digital wallets are a smart alternative to cash that provide flexible and ready-to-use spending. For companies, stored value account based products offer an opportunity to engage with customers on their terms.

Mambu's cloud-native core banking platform effortlessly enables stored value cards and wallets for a cashless future.

Power Innovation

Simplify stored value accounts

Mambu provides the tools to design and build a variety of stored value solutions including digital wallets and prepaid cards to achieve your business and customer objectives.

A smarter payment solution

Closed, open or both

Build your brand or keep spending contained with a closed loop prepaid card, or offer wider acceptance and appeal with a ‘use anywhere’ open loop card.

One solution, many uses

From transit system cards to calling cards, gift cards and more, Mambu provides the tools you need to design and build a variety of stored value instruments.

Create, launch and grow

Create, launch, upgrade and enhance unique stored value products while keeping development costs low.

Features you want, when you need them

Innovate with pre-built product configurations

Mambu gives you features and functionality to use as-is or build on

Product level highlights

  • Define new account settings and limits.
  • Configure interest rate terms and accrual frequency.
  • Define overdraft conditions.
  • Configure accounting rules.
  • Define dormancy rules.

Account level highlights

  • Attach card tokens to accounts.
  • Modify overdraft conditions.
  • Change maturity period.
  • View transaction history report and activity audit.
  • Store custom account details.

Transaction level highlights

  • Manage and post card holds.
  • Manage payment holds and blocks.
  • Manage card settlement, reversals and refunds.
  • Store custom transaction details.
  • Specify transaction dates.

Mambu's open API ecosystem

Seamlessly integrate best-in-class providers for stored value solutions. Launch innovative digital wallets and prepaid cards your customers will love.


Let’s accelerate your stored value account journey together