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Embedded finance solutions

Embedded finance is the hottest market trend in the financial services and retail sectors today. Big brands such as Apple, Amazon and Uber have already embraced embedded finance, making access to financial products directly available to customers. With Mambu, you can join this revolution by designing, configuring and launching embedded banking and payments experiences for your business.

Embedded finance is reshaping financial services.

By 2030 the global embedded finance market is expected to reach USD 7.2 trillion*. For institutions like banks, fintechs, retailers and small businesses, embedding financial services into day-to-day operations fuels growth. And gives customers a faster and more convenient financial experience. Using Mambu, you can build up new capabilities, explore alternative growth areas, and create additional revenue streams.

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Boost business with tailored embedded payments solutions.

  • honeycomb

    Increase and improve relationships with customer-centric experiences, penetrate new markets and develop new revenue streams.

  • three arrows

    Adopt new technologies that keep your business competitive, while exploring, testing and validating alternative growth areas.

  • brain with heart

    Add data points to personalise future customer experiences. Increase brand positioning in your key customer segments.

Today, people are using point-of-sale payment services in ways they hadn’t previously considered necessary - or even possible. By leveraging Mambu, we can better support shoppers and give them the ability to seamlessly fit financing into their lives.
Michael Bevan
CEO, duologi

Design, configure, launch. Evolve your journey.

  • Mambu’s cloud banking platform empowers customers to successfully start new business ventures, transform existing operations, launch new products, and expand into new markets with speed and scale. By using our flexible technology as a cornerstone of innovation and future-thinking, you can blend what were once separate processes into single services, offerings and products.

  • Choose your solutions, from buy now pay later (BNPL), to Banking as a Service (BaaS), stored value wallets, savings plans and clubs, and more. You create the experience that makes your business stand out.

  • There’s high demand for access to the services, when and where customers need them:

    • 81% are interested in purchasing health insurance via an app
    • 60% prefer education loans directly from academic institutions
    • 86% would purchase groceries from a cashier-less store

    **Mambu survey of ~3,000 consumers May 2021

Real world use cases from Mambu customers

  • Consumer lending fintech: now offers its 17+ million customers - who did not have access to credit cards or other formal financing options - the ability to pay for purchases in instalments.

  • Telco leader: is enabling financial access for customers and merchants by configuring over 15 consumer and commercial loan products through mobile tech, alternative data, and innovative credit scoring methods.

  • Pioneer BaaS bank: has launched a banking- as-a-service offering, allowing existing customers to leverage state-of-the-art digital solutions for business models that normally require a banking licence.

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